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May and June 1968 France


The events of May 68 in France marked a time of civil unrest and was punctuated by demonstrations and massive general strikes as well as the occupation of universities and factories across France. The extent of the unrest during the peak of the events led the entire economy of France to an almost stop. Political leaders were in fear of a potential civil war or revolution. May 68 caused the largest general strike ever attempted in France.  





The movement continued until 14th-16th June with the liberation of the universities and l’odeon. Following over a month of uncertainty, legislative elections were held from 23rd-30th June 1968 where Charles De Gaulle saw a landslide victory winning 353 of 486 seats. 


This period of unrest was not only prominent in France, the 'sixties' marked an era of international change. Consequently, many other countries were shook by student demonstrations and civil unrest.


The events of May and June 1968 are forever marked in French society meaning the events had a lasting effect on France.



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