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Cohn Bendit

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Daniel Cohn Bendit:

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Danny the Red, leader of May 1968 - It is in May 1968 that Daniel Cohn-Bendit is made known. Student at the Sorbonne, he takes the lead. COPYRIGHT - PARIS-DAY / SIPA


Daniel Cohn-Bendit is still to this day remembered as 'the face of May - June 1968.' Evidently, Daniel Cohn-Bendit was born in France, 1946 to parents of German - Jewish nationality. 

He is best remembered for his active involvement in 'le Mouvement du 22 mars'. During 1968, Cohn-Bendit was a student of sociology at the University of Nanterre, 

He was often referred to as 'Danny le rouge' (Danny the red) due to the colour of his hair and his radical, political beliefs.

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