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Political Party Campaigns

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Political party campaigns 


The Right

UDR- Union of Democrats for the Republic


- A Gaullist Political Party

- Led by Georges Pompidou at the time


UDR experienced a bad relationship between Georges Pompidou and Charles de Gaulle ahead of the legislative elections. This is because De Gaulle did not inform Pompidou of his trip to Baden-Baden in Germany.


Georges Pompidou's campaign included the restoration of law. Additionally, he campaigned for De Gaulle and Republicans in the UDR-RI party asking for the silent people of France to make their voices heard, this was essential in order to keep the left out of power. 4





The Left 


During the Campaign period the Left were divided, into three parties; PCF, FGDS and the PSU.                        'Vote Communist'5


PCF- French Communist Party


- Led by Waldeck Rochet

Named as a 'loyal and active ally' of Francois Mitterrand1


Waldeck Rochet campaign included:

- Liberation of the people

- Real government 

- co-operation with other leftist groups to ensure the smooth running of the government 

- government to create confidence amongst the people of France 


We can witness this from the video below where Rochet denounces his campaign ahead of the first round of legislative elections.2




FGDS- Federation of the Democratic and Socialist Left 


- Led by François Mitterrand

- Included the combination of left-wing groups including the PCF.


Campaign included:

- Pardoning of students 

- Contest communal reform

- Dispute the law of assistance to the private education

- Question Social Security  


PSU- Unified Socialist Party


- Led by Édouard Depreux

- The PSU publicly protested against the FGDS (the front-runners for the left). This portrayed to the public and unstable left.

- Furthermore the fact that there were three parties on the left divided the public votes.




PDM- Progress and Modern Democracy

- Created in 1968 after being elected by the National Assembly

- Formed by members of the democratic centre and National Centre of Independents and Peasants.3


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